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2010 liner notes and my theme for 2011

The MorningNews asked the following question recently: Who you would recognize in your 2010 liner notes? To all the people in your lives (maybe you know them, maybe you don’t) who deserve shout-outs, a la the album’s notes, the book’s acknowledgments, the piece’s title, the award’s dedication. Who would you include in your 2010 acceptance speech? Maybe your fifth grade teacher, the buddy who got you through… (Read Me)

Why I’m All For 24HOP Showcasing 24 Women Speakers

This is not the HOP you are looking for. I’ve been thinking about the upcoming 24HOP event planned for March 15 and 16 which will showcase 24 women speakers. Karen Lopez (post | twitter), Jenn Stirrup (post | twitter), and Jen McCown (post | twitter) have all written posts about it. Kalen Delaney ( blog|twitter) has left some comments with her views, which I’ve also appreciated. If you’re not sure… (Read Me)

Filling in Data Potholes with Recursive CTEs

Data: it can break your foot. Imagine that you are writing a script that looks at data grouped by the minute. You notice that there are no rows for some minutes, and you’d like to display a value when that is the case, probably showing a count of zero. In thinking about this problem this week, I spent some time getting to know CTEs (Common Table Expressions) again. And I came to the conclusion that I should spend much more… (Read Me)

The 9th Day of SQL: Things Aren't as Simple as They Seem

The 12 days of SQL Brent Ozar (blog | twitter) had an idea: a group of people should blog about writing which they’ve loved this year by people in the SQL community. For each “day of SQL,” someone picks a blog which they thought was great and writes about it. Yesterday was Day 8, when Karen Lopez talked about a post by Louis Davidson and asked “What is your over/under?”  Karen is a… (Read Me)

Select * from dbo.FAIL: invalid metadata in views and user defined functions

This week a question on the Twitter #sqlhelp hash tag reminded me of a detail of SQL Server that I learned the hard way, but forgot to blog about. The question was: SQLHelp in action For those without images enabled (you anarchic luddites), that’s “Is there a good reason to have a SQL view that is just select * from a table with no filtering?” Why Shouldn’t You Do That? There are things you should… (Read Me)

What the Business Wants: FEATURES (TSQL Tuesday #13)

It’s TSQL Tuesday Again… This month’s #tsql2sDay is hosted by Steve Jones (blog | twitter), and the topic is “What the Business Says is Not What the Business Wants.” Steve asks the question: What issues have you had in interacting with the business to get your job done? I thought about this for a long time. Eventually I realized that I wanted to see the pattern in the trees from the last… (Read Me)

Introduction to Partitioning: Resources!

This past Saturday I presented my shiny new Introduction to SQL Server Partitioning session at SQL Saturday 61. There were two separate sessions scheduled for partitioning that day, but the room was still full– thanks everyone for coming to learn about how, why, and when you might use this feature. Slides, Links and Scripts My slide deck, Introduction to SQL Server Partitioning, is available for download.… (Read Me)

Review: A day of doing many things at once with @AdamMachanic

A day of doing many things At SQLPass this year I was fortunate to attend “A day of doing many things at once: Multitasking, Parallelism, and Process distribution” by Adam Machanic (blog | twitter). This was a day long post-conference. So, how was it? This was a fantastic seminar. There was a really good flow to the talk, which started in CPU background and architecture, then moved through Windows Internals,… (Read Me)