A Place For My Stuff: Where Did My Posters and Partitioning Page Go?

Free Posters

Free Posters

The great philosopher, George Carlin, famously claimed that the meaning of life is trying to find a place for your stuff (NSFW– it’s George Carlin, after all).

My Stuff Was in More than One Place

… and my stuff was getting hard to update. I’m working on creating a balance so I can regularly create content both for my posts over at BrentOzar.com and my posts here at LittleKendra.com. My strategy these days is to post drawings and quick posts over here, and save my technical videos and serious geekery for BrentOzar.com.

I’ve done my best to update all the pages where I’ve moved content, but here’s a rundown of the changes.


My posters are available for download at http://BrentOzar.com/go/posters.

To download posters, you need to create a free login on the BrentOzar.com website. We don’t sell your name or information– it’s just between you and us.

SQL Server Table Partitioning – Resources List

I maintain a list of the mountain of blog posts, whitepapers, and videos which will get you up to speed on table partitioning. Find that list, now and forever, at http://brentozar.com/go/partitioning

SQL Server Isolation Levels – Resources Lists

I also have a big collection of resources for SQL Server Isolation levels. Get the goods at http://BrentOzar.com/go/Isolation.

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