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My Biggest Regret as a Database Administrator

Is one simple, small thing. It’s not spending as much time as I possibly can with other people. These Are Actual People A DBA’s Time Is Limited There’s almost always more things to be done that a DBA has time for. Some people I know are great database administrators because they’re very great parent types– they’re responsible, they’re organized, they like to keep everything… (Read Me)

The #1 Thing You Forget to Do Before Presenting

You’ve painstakingly written and practiced your demos. You’ve polished your slides. You’ve walked through each moment of your talk– maybe it was in front of your dog, maybe it was in front of your ever-patient spouse, but you’ve given it your all. There’s something you’re probably forgetting. The Moment of Naked Honesty: Plugging In As a presenter, you get to demo more… (Read Me)

DBA Confession: Sometimes Everyone’s the Slow Kid

I’ve been working with SQL Server databases, Windows administration, and software development an awfully long time. Once you have a lot of experience with something, it’s easy to forget what’s not obvious to newbies. But some things you have to learn the hard way. There’s a lot of stuff that I “just know” now and have no idea when or how I learned them. But there’s a few things I remember being particularly… (Read Me)

Conference Prep List: Pick Your Workout

I got an email recently from a first time attendee to the SQL PASS conference that made me squeal with glee. The email asked the question: do you know a good place to go do Crossfit in Seattle? I somehow hadn’t realized that I could plan workouts for the conference, and I was so glad I got that tip! I’m Not an Elite Athlete, Working Out Just Keeps Me Sane Conferences are great, but they can be overwhelming. Between… (Read Me)