Why I Choose Weird Hair

I got a lot of comments about my hair on my trip to North Carolina in October. The comments came from my flight crew from Atlanta to Charlotte, from taxi drivers, hotel staff, and lots of people at the convention I attended.

I’m a grown woman who has a big pink-red stripe in her hair. It’s a little weird. What’s up with that?


A Visual Reminder

I love color. A big part of my professional success relies on thinking of new ways to do things and embracing change. Why not be a bit unconventional? Every time I look in the mirror, I have a cue to remind me that not everything has to be uniform and straightlaced.

Oops, it’s Camoflage

There’s nothing weird about pink hair in Portland, Oregon. People don’t really look twice at you around here (as long as you’re fully clothed).

When I colored my hair, I didn’t get any comments on it at the cafe, at the grocery store, or from any locals. It’s just not notable. Honestly, it makes me blend in… which isn’t actually what I’d intended, but I do rather love that my home town is full of quirky flair.

In fact, I pretty much forgot that my hair was weird until I went to North Carolina.

About Kendra Little

Kendra likes queries, indexes, bicycles, lattes, the Oregon Coast, and throwing an orange ball for her dog, in no particular order.
  • http://michaeljswart.com Michael J Swart

    Well done, sporting hair with a stripe of color.
    I like how Stacy London pulls it off too: http://bit.ly/17UvPS0

    • http://littlekendra.com Kendra Little

      “What Not to Wear” now has old episodes on Netflix. I admit to putting it on continuous play on an iPad and carrying it around the house with me on the weekends. <3

  • Mark Pokorny

    Indeed like the hair coloring you are unique. You see it in music as well; bands that stand the test of time have their own style and approach.

    btw I am from Oregon too so it looks perfectly weird. ^_^