How I Got Over Google Reader and Learned to Love Newsblur

Update: I eventually left Newsblur for Feedly. I periodically had issues with missing feeds in Newsblur that I didn’t notice for a while, and Feedly seems more consistent. The UI on my Android phone is also really nice. I am still over Google Reader, though.

I was sad when Google Reader died and went to the Google Graveyard. I was SERIOUSLY sad, that’s not a metaphor. I’d used Reader for years– I have no idea when I started using it. I thought that as long as the Internet existed, Reader would exist.

I read lots of blogs. SQL Server blogs. Paleo blogs. Delicious looking food blogsScalability blogs.


This is How I Newsblur

When Reader died, I wasn’t sure what to do.

I Picked Newsblur on a recommendation

I don’t really like to stop for applications. I asked Jeremiah what he was going to use. He said Newsblur. I asked him if it was good for normal people who wanted to see pictures of cupcakes easily, or if I’d have to use a command line to do everything. He said I could see my cupcakes.

Off I went. Months later, I love it.

Newsblur gets better and better

I use Newsblur on my phone and by web browser. It’s easy to read in both places. It gets my posts frequently. It works reliably and well.

And the coolest thing is that Newsblur frequently improves. The fellow who writes Newsblur updates it often. He’s really just a guy out there who started this thing because it was interesting to him. I like it so much that I bought a premium account which does cool things.

And you know what? I don’t mind paying. I love supporting a software developer who makes a really cool app. In fact, I love that a lot more than using a free app from Google that I just took for granted.

Google Reader, I don’t even miss you anymore.

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  • Matt Velic

    I like that you had to qualify command line versus gui with Jeremiah; quite apt.

    • Kendra Little

      I’ve learned my lesson. Every time I ask him a question about how to do something with the GitHub app he responds, “I have no idea, I do it all from the command line.”

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