Which Indexes are “Disk Based” in SQL Server?

I was looking through some terms in SQL Server documentation the other day, thinking about what it’s like to learn about SQL Server’s indexes when you’re new to the field. I jotted down a note: B-tree = Rowstore = Disk Based And then I realized that’s not quite right. Not all disk based indexes are traditional clustered […]


Index Usage Stats Insanity – the oddities of sys.dm db index usage stats (Dear SQL DBA)

SQL Server’s “index usage stats” dynamic management view is incredibly useful– but does it tell you what you THINK it tells you? Kendra explains the quirks of how sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats works, as well as why she thinks the information is so valuable. This is a “listen-able” 24 minute video. Prefer a podcast instead? Find it at at […]

Whered I put that data square

SPLIT in a LEFT Partition Function: Where Does the Above-Boundary Data Go?

Table partitioning seems simple, but there’s a lot of complexity in designing and managing it if you decide to use filegroups and splitting. When you first implement partitioning in this scenario, you decide where you’re going to keep “out of bound” data when you create your partition scheme. Be careful when you make that decision, […]

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Learn Index Tuning at the PASS Summit in 2016!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be giving a pre-conference session on index tuning, plus a general session on locking and blocking at the PASS Summit in Seattle this October! Here’s a description and a video to tell you all about these sessions. SQL Server Index Formulas: Problems and Solutions Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016 All […]


Fail Over, Fail Again, Fail Better – Preparing for Disaster Recovery (Dear SQL DBA)

You’re setting up SQL Server log shipping for disaster recovery. What else do you need to do to best prepare for a failure? This is a “listen-able” 30 minute video. Prefer a podcast instead? Find it at at littlekendra.com/dearsqldba.   This Week’s Question: Dear SQL DBA… We are going to start log shipping to reduce our […]


Will Query Store Work in a Read Only Database?

For static databases, it’s quite useful to set SQL Server’s “read only” database property to true. When the database is read-only, it ensures that the last backup you took is still valid… as long as nothing bad happens to that backup file. But can SQL Server 2016’s Query Store feature work with a read only […]