Getting Around

Getting to and From the Airport

Seattle now has a Link/Light rail option from the airport! This will get you to WestLake Center, which is very close to the Convention Center (and likely your hotel) in about 40 minutes

If you’re staying downtown, definitely ride the light rail, it’s super easy, clean, and cheap. We built this mostly for YOU!

Read my page on How to Ride the LightRail from the Aiport for instructions on riding.

Ride the Bus

Don’t be afraid to venture a little bit away from the convention center when you’re in Seattle. Many things are walkable, but it can also be convenient to jump on a bus.

We are bus people in Seattle. Busses are clean, plentiful, convenient, and just about everyone rides them. There is, sadly, no longer a free ride zone in downtown Seattle, so you always have to pay to ride the bus. Most trips will cost you less than $2.50 unless you’re going into two zones.

To plan a trip, you can try the official source: If you are starting at the summit location, your starting point is “WA STATE CONVENTION – TRADE CENTER”

You may prefer to use the bus option on Google maps, like this sample trip to see the Freemont Troll.

If you need help riding the bus or have questions,  you can ask me ahead of time and I can help you figure it out. If you get lost when you’re on your way, just ask the locals—that’s what I do and people always help me find the right bus.

We have an online bus tracker to help you locate where a bus is at any given time.

Taxi Cabs

We have cabs in Seattle, and they work well. Endorsements are required for all taxis and complaints and comments can be filed online.