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More Running with Scissors: Corrupting your Database with 823 Errors

Corrupting databases is a lot like eating paste. Delicious, delicious paste. This weekend, a question came up on Twitter asking if there was an easy way to simulate an 823 error. It seemed like a fun task to figure out. In a  previous post, I showed  how to corrupt your database with a Hex editor to cause 824 errors. What’s an 823 Error? An 823 error in SQL Server is a severe error that occurs when accessing a database… (Read Me)

Corrupting Databases for Dummies- Hex Editor Edition

Corruption is so ugly it gets a lolworm instead of a lolcat. Let’s make one thing clear from the start: This Post Tells You How To Corrupt a SQL Server Database with a Hex Editor in Gruesome Detail And that’s all this post tells you. Not how to fix anything, just how to break it. If you aren’t familiar with corruption, corruption is bad. It is no fun at all on any data, or any server, that you care about. Where… (Read Me)