Poster in the works: SSMS Shortcuts Explained by Cats

I had a fun highlight recently that I wanted to share. I’ve got a new poster idea I’m crazy about.

SQL Server Management Studio Shortcuts, Explained by Cats

I’m working through this iteratively: I’m doing drawings for select lessons in my free course, SSMS Shortcuts & Secrets.

Here’s the first two that I’ve done:

Creating new sessions and executing queries

Indenting TSQL, Commenting and Un-Commenting TSQL. I got the mnemonic for CTRL-K + CTRL-C from @onupdatecascade

When I get a bunch of them done, I’ll combine them into a poster and set that up for download.

While I love drawing, it’s pretty time consuming, and it’s not easy. Each of these drawings took me more than an hour. And I only seem to be able to draw if I’m really into an idea, otherwise it turns out as a big angry scribble. (This is why I could never be a professional artist, and really admire people who do it.)  So when I have an idea I really like, and I’m actually able to start executing on it, that’s a big old weekly highlight.