My SQLPASS 2015 Session Evaluations

I recently gave a day long session at the SQLPASS Summit called “SQL Server Index Therapy Session“. 61 people attended, and let me tell you I was thrilled with that number. I’ve co-presented lots of day and week long sessions, but this was the first day long session that I’d ever done solo at a conference and 61 […]


The Mysterious telemetry_xevents Session in SQL Server 2016

When kicking the tires of SQL Server 2016 CTP3, I was interested to find a new session defined in the Extended Events folder. Hello, telemetry_xevents! Scripting it out, this session contains the following events: CREATE EVENT SESSION [telemetry_xevents] ON SERVER ADD EVENT sqlserver.data_masking_ddl_column_definition, ADD EVENT sqlserver.error_reported( WHERE ([severity]>=(20) OR ([error_number]=(18456) OR [error_number]=(17803) OR [error_number]=(701) OR […]

Python the friendly snake

Resources for Learning Python

I’ve been thinking about taking up a new programming language as a hobby for a little while. There’s a vibrant software community here in Portland, and working in more languages than TSQL opens up lots more opportunities for fun. I have no intention of becoming a full-time Python programmer, I just believe it’s fun to […]

How I learned to write TSQL

I primarily work with SQL Server, but my favorite book on TSQL is the one that I learned with: The Transact SQL Cookbook.  It’s been many years since I picked it up, but I have a ton of happy memories of staring into this book while riding a train to and from work, getting my […]

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