Dear SQL DBA – Bleeding In Edgeville

In this episode of “Dear SQL DBA,” I answer a question about early adoption of SQL Server, discuss why testing in production isn’t necessarily crazy, and recommend how to handle requests to upgrade your SQL Server to use new features. Note: This is a “listen-able” video — you don’t have to watch the screen. Show […]


The Case of the Blocking Merge Statement (LCK_M_RS_U locks)

Recently I got a fun question about an “upsert” pattern as a “Dear SQL DBA” question. The question is about TSQL, so it lent itself to being answered in a blog post where I can show repro code and screenshots. Here’s the Scenario in the Anonymized Question We have a lookup table, which is the […]


Blogger Tip: Easy Free-Use Images with Pablo by Buffer

I’ve gotten a few compliments lately on the images I’ve been using in my posts. Images help engage your readers. You should also set a “featured image” for each post for thumbnail usage in your theme or in RSS readers. But it can be kind of a pain to search for images and make sure the image […]


Index Usage Stats Bug Fixed in SQL Server 2012 SP2 CU12 / SP3 CU3

Microsoft has just released a new round of cumulative updates for SQL Server 2012, and the release notes indicate that a fix to the sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats dynamic management view has been included in these updates. This is good news for index tuners using SQL Server 2012. As of SP2 + CU12 and SP3 + CU3, SQL […]

I got to teach in a pod at SQLBits

Sabbatical Update: 4 Months of Fun and Reflection

I’m about four months into my planned six month sabbatical. At the beginning, I worried a little that I might not like life as a grownup without a job. Would I feel lost? Purposeless? Bored? Nope. It turns out that I am excellent at not having a real job. I’ve learned a bunch, enjoyed life, seen […]


Submit a “Dear DBA” Question

If you’re a database administrator, a developer, or just someone who plays one on TV, I know you’ve got questions. Technical questions. Political questions. Questions about how to handle your coworker with stinky feet who wears flip flops to work. (Been there!) Now you’ve got a way to get answers. Submit your question to Dear […]


Indexes: Do Included Columns Always Go on a Non-Root Page? (video)

Recently, I was thinking about nonclustered indexes in SQL Server, and how included columns are stored. Is SQL Server smart enough to optimize the storage for small indexes with includes? Find out in this free seven minute video. Scripts Used in this Video Want to run the demo yourself? This script works on SQL Server […]

How to Script Out Indexes from SQL Server

Sometimes you need to script out all the indexes in a database. Maybe you’re concerned something has changed since they were last checked in. Or maybe the indexes aren’t checked into source control, and you’re working on fixing that. (Important!) Either way, sometimes you need to do it, and it’s not fun through the GUI. […]