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Free Poster – Troubleshooting SQL Server After a Migration or Upgrade

I had so much fun doing the podcast episode last week on why an upgrade / migration can cause performance problems that I drew out the concepts for troubleshooting perf after an upgrade. Here’s the download: Production notes: This drawing was make with Autodesk Sketchbook, a really fun art program (with a decent free version, […]


Why an Upgrade can Cause Performance Regressions (Dear SQL DBA Episode 9)

You finally got approval to move to new hardware and a fresher version of SQL Server. After months of work,  you do the migration and then… performance gets worse. What can cause this, and what do you look for? This is a “listen-able” 27 minute video. Prefer a podcast instead? Find it at at Show […]

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Free Poster: Cat DBA Says “Not Right Meow”

You’ve got 99 problems, and the request coming in ain’t one. Maybe you need to channel your inner Cat DBA, just for a moment. Print out this poster in full color. It will help you remember to grab your car keys and head out of the office at 4:59 PM each weekday, before another email can […]

The view at Rowena Crest, just outside of Portland

Coming to SQL Saturday Portland? Plan a Vacation, too!

SQL Saturday Oregon will be held on Oct 22, 2016 this year– the weekend before the SQL PASS Summit. As a Portlander, I love it when people come visit my town! Please consider taking a few extra days to enjoy checking out PDX before or after the event. Here’s my favorite things to see, do, and […]


Max Degree of Confusion (Dear SQL DBA Episode 8)

Learn how to configure the Max Degree of Parallelism and Cost Threshold for Parallelism settings in SQL Server – and how SQL Server 2014 SP2 and SQL Server 2016 change the way that SQL Server automatically configures some SQL Servers with lots of cores. This is a “listen-able” 20 minute video. Prefer a podcast instead? Find it at […]


Is User Acceptance Testing Covered Under Developer Edition?

Holy mackerel, it is! I tend to think of development environments as SQL Servers where customers are surely never allowed to enter, for fear that the licensing dollars will pile up like banks of snow around the gates to the instance. But there’s an exception. Check out this screenshot from Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016 Licensing Datasheet: Developer Edition allows for […]


How to Level Up Your DBA Career (Dear SQL DBA)

You’re a Junior or mid-level Database Administrator with no obvious career path. How do you grow the right skills to level up your DBA career? This is a “listen-able” 27 minute video. Prefer a podcast instead? Find it at at This week’s questions… Today I’m answering two questions from listeners on one hot topic: advancing your […]


Which Indexes are “Disk Based” in SQL Server?

I was looking through some terms in SQL Server documentation the other day, thinking about what it’s like to learn about SQL Server’s indexes when you’re new to the field. I jotted down a note: B-tree = Rowstore = Disk Based And then I realized that’s not quite right. Not all disk based indexes are traditional clustered […]