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Learn Index Tuning at the PASS Summit in 2016!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be giving a pre-conference session on index tuning, plus a general session on locking and blocking at the PASS Summit in Seattle this October! Here’s a description and a video to tell you all about these sessions. SQL Server Index Formulas: Problems and Solutions Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016 All […]


Fail Over, Fail Again, Fail Better – Preparing for Disaster Recovery (Dear SQL DBA)

You’re setting up SQL Server log shipping for disaster recovery. What else do you need to do to best prepare for a failure? This is a “listen-able” 30 minute video. Prefer a podcast instead? Find it at at   This Week’s Question: Dear SQL DBA… We are going to start log shipping to reduce our […]


Will Query Store Work in a Read Only Database?

For static databases, it’s quite useful to set SQL Server’s “read only” database property to true. When the database is read-only, it ensures that the last backup you took is still valid… as long as nothing bad happens to that backup file. But can SQL Server 2016’s Query Store feature work with a read only […]


Next Door to Derpton – When Your Fellow DBA is a Danger to Databases (Dear SQL DBA)

What do you do when your fellow DBA is a ticking time-bomb of bad decisions, waiting to explode your production environment? Note: This is a “listen-able” video. You can also listen to this as a podcast – learn how at Here’s Today’s Question What do I do with a co-worker (who claims to have 20 years […]


Merging Boundary Points: Does a Changing Partition_Number Indicate Data Movement?

I received a question from a reader a while back who was testing out a partitioning architecture: We are testing table partitioning using one filegroup per partition. When we merge a boundary point, we see that partition_number changes in sys.partitions. Does this mean that data movement is occurring? Short Answer: Just because partition_number is changing does […]


Lost in Performance Troubleshooting – Kendra’s Perf Triage for SQL Server (Dear SQL DBA)

The SQL Server is slow, what should you do? I answer a reader question and share my strategy for performance troubleshooting. Note: This is a “listen-able” video. You can also listen to this as a podcast – learn how at This week, our question is about troubleshooting performance Dear SQL DBA, is there any step-by-step script that […]