Collect and Baseline Wait Statistics (Dear SQL DBA Episode 14)

What are the best tools to collect and baseline wait statistics? Should you write your own? Watch the 18 minute video or read the episode transcript below. Prefer a podcast?   Dear SQL DBA… I am getting into performance troubleshooting on SQL Server. I hear you talk about wait stats a lot, and how important […]


Free Poster: tempdb data files in SQL Server

The tempdb database is a strange place in SQL Server. This poster shows a view of the crazy world of tempdb and includes some reminders about tempdb configuration and monitoring. Someday I’ll publish my drawing bloopers of posters gone horribly wrong. Early versions of this one were hilariously horrifying. Moreso than the final product, I […]


Developer Seeks DBA Career (Dear SQL DBA, Episode 13)

A C# developer wants to be a DBA, but is having a hard time landing a job. Should they take a pay cut and go for a Junior level job? Or could there be another path? This is a “listen-able” 15 minute video. Find the podcast version at A written version of the discussion with clickable […]

Turn your keyboard


This question came up on Twitter’s #sqlhelp recently. The NOINDEX option does change the behavior of DBCC CHECKDB (even if you’re already using PHYSICAL_ONLY). Here’s how the two options compare to one another, and how to see the difference yourself in a simple example. PHYSICAL_ONLY is like having a doctor examine your body, but not run bloodwork PHYSICAL_ONLY looks at […]


Teach Yourself SQL Server Performance Tuning (Dear SQL DBA Episode 12)

You’d love to have a job tuning SQL Servers, but you don’t have an environment to practice in. Here’s how to teach yourself performance tuning and prepare yourself to land and succeed in job interviews. This is a “listen-able” 20 minute video. Prefer a podcast instead? Find it at A written version of the discussion with clickable […]


SSMS Tips: Templates and Control+Shift+M

Do you use templates to save typing in SQL Server Management Studio? Templates are extremely handy for tasks that you need to do repeatedly, but with different parameter values. The coolest part is that once you get the hang of them, you can create your own custom templates. Whether or not you’re using a template, always make sure […]


Altering an INT Column to a BIGINT (Dear SQL DBA Episode 11)

You need to change an INT column to a BIGINT in a large table. Learn why this schema change can make your transaction log explode, and how to avoid it. This is a “listen-able” 21 minute video. Prefer a podcast instead? Find it at Show notes (transcript with links) are below the video. Here’s our question […]


Free Poster: Game of Performance Tuning

Performance tuning is much easier when you have dragons. When I think about speeding up SQL Server, I think of three things: Index tuning Query tuning Server and application architecture Capture all three in one free poster. Want more posters? I’ve got download links for all my free posters right here.