Where do You Get Your Creativity? (Dear SQL DBA Episode 20)

As a database administrator or developer, you’ll get into trouble fast if you try to force all your code and processes into a database shaped hole. You have to be creative when you problem solve  — and when you communicate! So how do you cultivate creativity? You can watch the 23 minute video, subscribe to […]


Decoding Key and Page WaitResource for Deadlocks and Blocking

If you use SQL Server’s blocked process report or collect deadlock graphs, occasionally you’ll come across things that look like this: waitresource=“PAGE: 6:3:70133 “ waitresource=“KEY: 6:72057594041991168 (ce52f92a058c)“ Sometimes there’s more information in the massive monster of XML that you’re scanning through (deadlock graphs have a resource list that help reveal the object and index name), but […]


Should You Rebuild or Reorganize Indexes on Large Tables? (Dear SQL DBA Episode 19)

The bigger your indexes are, the harder your index maintenance falls. Is it better to rebuild big indexes? Or should you reorganize? If you’re short on time, scroll down: an article with all the content is below the 23 minute video. Here’s this week’s question: Dear SQL DBA, Any advice for rebuilding indexes on very large […]


Books to Learn SQL Server Performance Tuning and Database Design

I get a lot of requests about which books are helpful to learn performance tuning and database design. I totally get that — I still like learning with books. It doesn’t mean training videos or blogs are any less cool. They can all work together. You don’t need to read all the books in each […]


Can I Use Statistics to Design Indexes? (Dear SQL DBA Episode 18)

Should you look at automatically created statistics on  your tables in SQL Server to help you design better indexes? Learn why in this 20 minute video, or subscribe to the Dear SQL DBA podcast. No time to watch? Scroll on down, everything is written in article form below the video. Here’s this week’s question: Dear […]


Last Minute Coupon Code for 2016 SQLPASS Summit

I can’t wait to teach my full day course, SQL Server Index Formulas: Problems and Solutions in Seattle at the PASS Summit on Tuesday, October 25th. Woot! Less than 3 weeks away! If you haven’t been able to sign up yet, it’s still worth a shot to check with your boss and ask if it can work […]


Track Query Tuning Progress and History in Plan Explorer

As you tweak and test queries, it’s awfully useful to see how the performance has changed. Plan Explorer has a way to do this, and it allows you to make notes as you go. This used to be a ‘Pro’ feature which cost money, but SQL Sentry has now made Plan Explorer free — good […]


Setting up Free Blocking Alerts and Deadlock Monitoring (Dear SQL DBA Episode 17)

What tools in SQL Server will notify you about blocking and help track the queries behind your toughest blocking and deadlocking problems? Watch the 21 minute video, subscribe to the podcast, or read the episode notes and links below. Dear SQL DBA, What is the best way to set up blocking and deadlock alerts on the server? I […]