Collecting the Blocked Process Report (XEvents and Server Side Trace)

I’m a big fan of the built-in Blocked Process Report in SQL Server. It’s come in handy for troubleshooting blocking situations for me many times. I wanted a friendly way to share code to configure and manage the Blocked Process Report, so I’ve created a gist on GitHub sharing TSQL that: Enables the Blocked Process […]


Actual Time Statistics in Execution Plans: Elapsed CPU Time and more

One of the coolest things to come to SQL Server Management Studio in a long time might be hard to see at first: it’s tucked away in the Properties Window. But once you see it, it might just be something that you use all the time. SQL Server now shows Actual Elapsed CPU Time and Actual […]


Limiting Downtime for Schema Changes (Dear SQL DBA Episode 25)

You need to release schema changes while the SQL Server is in use. Learn why code generation tools write odd scripts and how to stay sane amid rapid releases in this 28 minute video… or scroll down to read a summary. If you enjoy the podcast, please write a review on iTunes! Dear SQL DBA… How […]


Index Create and Last Modified Dates in SQL Server

In many environments, it’s useful to know exactly when an index was created or modified. Did that last code release help performance, or hurt it? It’s really helpful to know exactly when the code was deployed to prove that your change made something better. Or that you might need to roll it back. It takes a little […]


Does Truncate Table Reset Statistics?

Short answer: the SQL Server optimizer will know that the table was truncated, but statistics might not update when you expect. For the long answer, let’s walk through an example using the WideWorldImporters sample database. I’ll be using Trace Flag 3604 and 2363 to get SQL Server to print information about how it optimized my query out to […]


Signs Your SQL Server is Running with Scissors (Dear SQL DBA Episode 24)

Does your team know what it’s doing with SQL Server? Learn what a consultant looks for when assessing a team, and signs that SQL Server may be badly configured. Watch the 23 minute video, or scroll down to read a summary of this episode. If you enjoy the podcast, I’d appreciate your review on iTunes! Learn how […]


Learn to Tune Indexes in Lisbon on March 9, 2017

Want to learn to tune indexes in SQL Server? I’ll be teaching a day-long pre-conference session in Portugal in March. Hope to see you there, or at SQL Saturday Lisbon (free!) the following weekend. Here’s the details on the course and how to reserve a seat. How to Tune SQL Server Indexes with Execution Plans […]